General Surgery

​​​​​The division of General Surgery consists of individual sections or teams, each headed by a surgeon specializing in their respective field. General surgery is a surgical specialty that treats a variety of ailments. Our surgeons have not only spent many years training and practicing their specialty, they also conduct clinical research to improve medical treatments.

  • What is General Surgery?

    While general surgery sounds broad, our surgeons are experts in a spectrum of conditions and diseases. They have experience in evaluating, diagnosing, treating, and managing conditions. You are in good hands with our general surgery team.

    Our general surgeons have developed strong relationships with physicians from non-surgical fields that deal with the same types of illnesses in order to facilitate and improve patient care. Baylor Scott & White Hospital Fort Worth’s nurse practitioners are an important complement to patient care. They play a central role in providing continued care as patients transition out of post-operative surgical care.​